Call or e-mail us to get started.  We will schedule a 15-minute introductory phone call to determine whether your needs fall within the scope of our abilities.  

If we mutually agree that there is merit in moving forward, we will send you a brief questionnaire to fill out and then meet in our office for a no-obligation review of your goals and financial situation.

You are in charge of choosing from our spectrum of services in one of three ways:

  1. Financial plan with implementation of any action items indicated.  These items may include asset management, insurance and monitoring of progress toward achieving your goals.
  2. Financial plan without implementation of any action items.  You implement the action items on your own.
  3. Implementation only to address a specific need such as asset management or risk management.  You choose the service you want.

In every client engagement , to the extent it is appropriate, we strive to understand your entire financial picture and make our recommendations in this context. 

Financial plans and asset management are fee-based services. We can provide insurance and other products when indicated for a client’s specific circumstance.

Your first step is to contact us.