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Are you busy working and saving and just need to know whether you are on track for retirement and if you are saving enough for college? Or do you aspire to achieve financial independence in your 50s and want a plan for making that happen? We can help. We will listen carefully to your goals and values and develop a customized plan that helps meet your unique vision for the future as well as help you plan for a possible, unexpected illness or death. We will help you

  • Identify the target amount for retirement savings
  • Strategy for using stock awards
  • Planning for financial independence and figuring out what that means to you
  • Manage your investments
  • Quantify risk exposure and review needs for protection
  • Calculate college savings goals and regular savings amount
  • Balance goals, values and current needs within a financial plan
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Develop a tax-efficient investment strategy
  • Make sure you have the proper documents upon an untimely death