Are you a tech professional?

You have questions

  • How do we manage the competing cash needs in our household?
    • Mortgage, college, vacation, hobbies
  • What is the best strategy for exercising my stock options?
  • Can we save on taxes?
  • What do we need to do to become financially independent within ten years?
  • How much do we need to save for college?
  • Are we following the financial household best practices?
  • Is our family financially protected in case there is an unexpected death?
  • What is an appropriate asset allocation for our investments?
  • Should we be using a Roth?

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We have answers

Whether you just want to know whether you are on track for retirement and saving enough for college or aspire to achieve financial independence in ten years and want a plan for making that happen, we can help. We will listen carefully to your goals and values and develop a customized and comprehensive approach to meet your unique vision for the future.