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Grandparent and grandchild gardening

Medicare Tips & Estate Planning — 4th Quarter Newsletter

October 2019

If you are within three months of age 65, apply for Medicare through the Social Security website. What about costs? Additional insurance? How to choose?

Even 18-year-olds need some estate planning.

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Looking at charts and numbers

3rd Quarter Newsletter

August 20, 2019

When thinking of the performance of our portfolios, most of us think of how they are performing. Did they go up? By how much?

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Reviewing charts during a meeting

2nd Quarter Newsletter

April 25, 2019

As we often tell our clients, we take the view that investments are just one part of a household’s financial plan and seldom the most critical or determinative for plan success. Naturally, the annual returns of our investments are important to all of us...

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